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Information Regarding Water Tankers Management
The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) supplies potable water in water deficit areas through around 800 department and hired water tankers from 25 emergency centers in different zones in Delhi under the following scenarios.
i. At fixed and predetermined points in localities that have no piped water connection. These points have been selected in consultation with local area representatives.
ii. Based on short supply of water (major breakdown or extra demand in summer)
DJB is keen to provide all the information regarding water tanker details to make the system transparent. DJB is regularly making its effort to improve the system continuosly.
DJB manages three type of water tankers
1. Departmental Tanker
2. Hired Tanker
3. GPS Enabled SS(Stainless Steel) Tanker
Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW  for area wise schedule of water tankers
This is a new system being introduced in public interest and will take some time to stabilise. It is our constant endeavour to improve our services.We request our valued consumers to bear with us in the transitional phase.